Should a Product Owner Attend Retrospectives?

Should PO attend retrospective

The short answer is YES. The Product Owner is part of the Team The Product Owner is part of the team, and should be involved in any discussions about improving things. A scrum team will never reach its maximum potential if only the developers discuss areas to improve. The first question I would ask is […]

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Blockers Don’t Exist in Agile

No blockers in agile

But not in the way you are thinking. Terminology is very important, not just in our professional capacity, but also in life. Words have connotations, especially something so drastic as a ‘Blocker’. Think about it though, does everything on a project stop when someone mentions a ‘blocker’? Not really, what happens is that progress slows […]

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Daily Scrum, do I have to?

Can you skip daily scrum?

The Daily Scrum This will be the first in a series of ‘mini-blog’ posts, small bite sized content with hopefully small nuggets of knowledge, inspiration or motivation. Its a question that gets asked a lot… “Do we have to do it today?”, “Can we skip today?”, “Why is it everyday?”, especially for teams new to […]

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User Stories: One Story To Rule Them All

One user story

One User Story, Multiple Roles When creating user stories, you might find on occasion they can become quite complicated, especially when you are dealing with multiple cases; for example back office admins, customer functionality, different clients. Lets take a very basic example “As a premium customer, I want to be able to access the online […]

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Product Tech Terms: Mob Programming

Mob programming

What is Mob Programming Mob programming, as states: “All the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same place and at the same computer” And as the name suggests, Mob Programming is an approach in software development where the whole team works on the same thing. This is […]

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How to Scale Scrum Teams

Scaling scrum teams

Scaling scrum teams Growing I would say that there is a tipping point in every organisation; that point where your product or company starts to get some traction and demand rapidly starts to increase. There is a point where you need to seriously start to consider about scaling scrum teams structure. If you don’t, you […]

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The Sprint Review: The Product Owners Meeting

The Sprint Review: The Product Owners Meeting

Definition of Sprint Review The sprint review, or commonly the sprint demo is a meeting that takes place at the end of the sprint, where the team showcases their “potentially shippable product”. Generally I don’t like the name “Sprint Demo”, this should not be the first and only time the product owner sees the product, […]

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