Introduction to Product Podcasts

This page outlines podcast that every product manager should listen to! This is the one complete exhaustive list that you need to bookmark.

Product podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to improve your knowledge of product management, and get some great insights from some of the product leaders in the field.

There are many aspects to product management, it’s a complicated field with lots of niches, and it’s a role that is ever evolving. Product management itself, has not been around for a long time, so product managers are constantly innovating on new was to deliver value to customers via their products and processes.

For each podcast, there is also a recommended episode, to give you a snippet of what to expect from each podcast.

Below is a list of recommended product podcasts.

The Product Experience

The Product Experience podcast by Lily Smith and Randy Silver is a podcast sponsored by Mind the Product.

Being sponsored by Mind the Product, you already know that this podcast is going to have some great content. They regularly get some of the industry leaders in product management and fringe areas to join and give their insights and expertise on a range of different issues and areas. Lily Smith (ProductTank organiser and Product Consultant) & Randy Silver (Head of Product and product management trainer) “go deep” with the best speakers from ProductTank meetups all over the globe, Mind the Product conferences, and the wider product community.

The podcast is available on numerous different mediums, links to the podcast are here:

The Product Podcast

The Product Podcast is brought to us by The Product School.

The Product Podcast is sponsored by The Product School. Product School is one of the leading online learning resources for product managers, with a series of certifications and online courses to help learn new skills or sharpen existing ones. Again, with the Product School being a solid brand, they also manage to get some of the industry leaders on their show. The podcast is American based and split into seasons.

There are many different mediums to listen to The Product Podcast, links are below:

Product Thinking

Successful product management isn’t just about training the product managers who work side by side with developers everyday to build better products. It’s about taking a step back, approaching the systems within organizations as a whole, and leveling up product leadership to improve these systems.

This is the Product Thinking Podcast, where Melissa Perri will connect with industry leading experts in the product management space, AND answer your most pressing questions about everything product. Join us each week to level up your skillset and invest in yourself as a product leader.

Podcast is available on:

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is a product podcast by Reid Hoffman explores how great companies scale up from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders within product management.

The content of this podcast from the LinkedIn cofounder is varied and Reid is able to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of CEO and senior leaders in large companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Google, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter Slack, Nike, Starbucks and many more.

They talk about many different areas, such as entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, management, fundraising. But they also talk about the human journey — with all its failures and learnings. 

The podcast is available on numerous different mediums, links to the podcast are here:

This is Product Management

“This is Product Management” interviews the brightest minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel modern product teams. Episodes span from arts to science, tactics to strategies, confessions to professions. Take a deep dive into user experience, statistics, innovation, differentiation, design, development, metrics, and more with the latest podcast for product managers.

The podcast is available on


Build gives you the inside track on all things product and product management. Host Maggie Crowley, former Olympian turned Harvard MBA turned Director of Product Management at Drift, sits down with the best of the best across product management, design, and engineering to bring you lessons from product greats at Atlassian, Pluralsight, VMware, and more.

The podcast is available on:

Better Products

Digital products don’t just live online. They are made up of people, experiences, and awe-inspiring innovation. This show shares the stories of industry-leading companies whose products have a soul, a mission, and a vision. 

Through engaging conversations with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators, hosts Christian and Meghan explore the notion of what it takes to build better products. Better Product weaves a narrative story about the good, the bad, and the ugly of ideating and activating the digital products that have launched businesses and changed the world. 

Listen weekly to understand how digital products are created, how design influences adoption and ultimately, why product means everything.

This podcast is available on:

The Product Breakfast Club

Jake and Jonathan (formally Product Breakfast Club) is a behind the scenes look at how some of the best companies in the world design their products. Jake Knapp, NY Times best-selling author of “Sprint”, has helped companies like Slack, Nest and 23andMe build successful products. Jonathan Courtney, co-founder of AJ&Smart, has worked with companies like RedBull, eBay and the United Nations, to help them build better products faster. In this new, exciting podcast, the two of them have teamed up to discuss things like product design, innovation and productivity.

This podcast is available on:

The Modern Product Manager

With The Modern Product Manager, you’ll learn from Alex Mitchell’s insider startup perspective and get smarter each and every week on Product Management, working remotely, investing, startups, and tech.
Learn more about The Modern Product Manager at

The podcast is available on:

Product Coalition Podcast

Join thousands of other product managers, UXers, engineers and data scientists and listen in to the Product Coalition Podcast. This podcast shows the real people behind products and illustrates the passion and emotion product people have for their products. We’re a product community of 1m+ readers, 7,000 Slack members and thousands of podcast listeners.

Join Guest are leaders, founders, co-founders or lead employees, who have a love for product management, product design or engineering. If you’d like to appear on the show, go to, and let the world hear your product story.

The podcast is available on:

Product Talk

Welcome to Webby Honoree Award Winner Product Talk- we interview VP-level product executives such as Netflix to learn their best practices on what it takes to build great products.

You will find value regardless of your industry or product type. If you’re joining us for the first time visit – – One of the largest and undoubtedly the most influential global network of product managers.

The podcast is available on:

Product People

A podcast focused on great products and the people who make them. Justin Jackson is the co-founder of

The podcast is available on:

100PM Podcast

Welcome to 100 PM – the show where we interview one hundred active product managers – from startups to enterprise and everything in between all from one great city every season. If you’re joining us for the first time be sure to visit the website – – the web’s largest single free resource for product management topics.

They have tons of great articles about business, technology and design, fabulous contributors and recommended reads courtesy of our incredible guests, week over week.

Podcast is available on:

Product Love

“Product Love” is the feeling you get when you have that incredible and joyous connection towards your favorite products. What makes certain products so lovable to us?

They ask the leading industry product managers, and the brilliant teams that have crafted them for us. This podcast is essential for anyone who wants to learn about product management from the best executive product leaders across various disciples. Dive into topics about the evolving craft of product management, trends in the industry, and get even more insights into how the modern PM makes you feel “product love.”

Eric Boduch is the chief evangelist and co-founder of Pendo and a contributor to ProductCraf

Podcast is available on:

Masters of Product Management

Get your dose of insights with Sequent Learning Networks in just 15 quick minutes by tuning into the Masters of Product Management podcast.

Whether you’re on the road or away from your desk, you’ll want to stay connected with innovative ideas from Sequent. Our Masters of Product Management podcast provides listeners with engaging topics to help you think differently and about things you encounter daily, but often don’t have enough time to reflect and take action. Get your dose of insights, in just 15 quick minutes by tuning into the Masters of Product Management podcast.

Podcast is available on:

Global Product Management Tips

#ProdMgmtTalk Professionals forwarding the movement for product excellence by design. Discussions about the art, craft and discipline required for products that contribute value.

All aspects of customer development, user experience, product innovation, design, development, marketing and scaling. @ProdMgmtTalk Founded by @CindyFSolomon talking with thought leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond. @StartupProduct @ProductSummit Syndicating The Everyday Innovator with Chad McAllister.

The podcast is available on:

Product Podcast

Join the product team at Leapfrog Technology as we tackle the big questions in the Product Management world. We approach questions and offer testimonials from the lens of our services oriented firm.

From big stand alone products, to small emerging ideas, nothing is left uncovered.

The podcast is available on:

Product Thoughts

How can Product Teams start to make decisions based on evidence and data, instead of opinions? And which tools help product teams to understand problems worth solving, before jumping into feature ideas and UI details?

The Product Thoughts Podcast delivers bite-sized, actionable advice for challenges like these and many more. Hosted by Tim Herbig, a veteran Product Leader with 10+ years of experience, this podcast provides insights product managers can start using immediately to become the best version of themselves.

Podcast is available on:

Product to Product

At Roadmunk, they build a product management platform for product people (beautiful + collaborative roadmapping software); and as part of the product management community, they’ve seen how open product people are to helping their peers. They share their own experiences of working in product, both the good and the bad, in very honest ways.

They decided to take the candid conversations that are happening in product communities on Reddit and Slack and Medium – and turn them into an interview podcast. They have really cool interviews coming up with product managers, designers, marketers and the odd engineer, too.

Podcast is available on:

Product for Product

Product for Product is a show hosted by Matt Green and Moshe Mikanovsky aimed at helping listeners navigate the growing depth of product management tools while also providing our insights into the categories that make up the PM role.

They take listeners with us on a journey of discovery through areas of product analytics, road mapping, productivity and many others. If you want to keep up with the latest in product management come along for the ride!

The podcast is available on:

The Why and the What

The Why And The What dives into the world of Product Management, interviewing the people who make products happen – Product Managers, Product Owners, people running product teams, stakeholders working with product people, and other thought leaders in Product Management.

The podcast is available on:

The Product Bakery

Are you currently working in a Product Company or even considering starting your own? In this Show, Design Manager Alex Dapunt, and Product Coach Christian Strunk are bringing people from all product functions together to talk about the key to build successful products customers love.

This involves everything from Product Management to Design as well as Development and Marketing, breaking down traditional silos around these functions and fostering an open dialogue between them. Tune in for weekly interviews, discussions, and best practices that help you understand the whole product process.

The podcast is available on:

The Product Manager

The Product Manager podcast voices a community that’s writing the playbook for product management, development, and strategy.

They are sponsored by Crema, a digital product agency that helps individuals and companies thrive through creativity, technology, and culture.

The podcast is available on:

Fearless Product Leadership

Being a product leader is not for the meek. Join Hope Gurion, product leader coach at Fearless Product, as she interviews experienced product leaders in B2B & B2C, start-up, growth and mature companies. In each episode she asks for 5 perspectives on how product leaders handle a tough responsibility of the role.

If you’re a new product leader, or just want to hear how other product leaders fearlessly tackle the challenges you’re facing, this is the podcast for you.

Podcast is available on:

Podcast Missing?

If there is a podcast missing, please get in touch below and I will add to the list!

    Podcast Information

    What is a podcast?

    A podcast is the streaming age’s answer to radio. The dictionary definition of a podcast is:

    A digital audio file you can download or listen to over the Internet. Its interesting history explains why it is called a podcast, to begin with. 

    Podcasts are a form of media content that was developed in 2004, when former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer coded the “iPodder.” This let users download internet radio broadcasts to their iPod. This is where the term came from mixing ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasts’. 

    Podcasts are an extremely popular form of entertainment and have progressed beyond being downloadable radio shows. Now, podcasts tend to be a series created by a host and then published episode-by-episode online, where subscribers can then download and listen to each episode when it’s released. There are multiple different platforms available now to users, so it does not even matter so much what device or listening channel you prefer.

    This is a very accessible way for content creators to connect with an audience. Creating podcasts is currently regulated, meaning you don’t need any kind of license to publish your content. Anyone with basic podcast equipment like a microphone, recording software, and a membership to a hosting platform can create their own show. This is why it has become such a popular way for people to now express themselves, share their knowledge or views. Because it is so easy to do, monetizing a podcast is also becoming a reliable way to make an income. Many hosts use sponsorships, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, and paid content to make this a viable source.

    Are podcasts audio or video?

    Podcasts are mostly audio, since this is how they were first created.

    With the growing popularity of podcasts, many hosts have found ways to embraced video podcasting. Video is extremely popular and its proving to be a great way for creators to diversify their content.

    Why do people create product podcasts?

    People create podcasts for many different reasons, but most it is for entertainment purposes. People looking for podcasts might be looking for:

    • Updates and breakdowns of current events.
    • Learn about a new topic or industry.
    • Comedy
    • Interviews with popular or famous guests.
    • Experience an audio drama or narrative storytelling. 

    For product management, product managers are generally looking for:

    • Ways to improve their craft
    • Get insights to solve a specific problem
    • Get insights from some of the industries greatest leaders and minds
    • Entertainment value / jokes
    • Become more aware of product management and how its evolving
    • Expand their professional network
    • Looking to speak on a products and share their own knowledge

    Different Types of podcasts

    The content of podcasts can be about anything, and there are about as many genres as you can think of; news and education, health and fitness, comedy, and even fiction podcasts are just a few of the most popular kinds. You can usually categorise podcasts into these different areas:: 

    • Conversational
    •  Narrative nonfiction
    • Scripted fiction
    • Repurposed content. 

    Most product management podcasts will be conversational. So either the hosts themselves covering a topic, or they will have a guest on sharing their experiences.

    What are the top 10 podcasts for 2022?

    As new podcasts and episodes come out, the podcast charts change but based on Edison Research’s report these are the top 10 most popular podcasts going into 2022. This list can give you some context into what kinds of podcasts are popular.

    1. The Joe Rogan Experience
    2. The Daily
    3. Crime Junkie
    4. This American Life
    5. Stuff You Should Know
    6. My Favorite Murder
    7. Office Ladies
    8. Call Her Daddy
    9. Serial
    10. Pod Save America

    How to Listen to Podcasts

    For pod hosts, the process of creating and publishing a podcast is relatively easy. Once a few episodes have been created and edited, they simply upload them to their podcast host of choice.  Most hosts now upload their episodes to many different formats, so they can reach a maximum audience. For example some users might use exclusively Apple, meaning that if the host only uses Spotify they would not reach that user.

    Hosts submit their show’s RSS feed to podcast directories like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher. These directories are the place where podcasts and listeners connect; users can find, subscribe to, and listen to podcasts using their favorite podcast directory. The most popular include:

    • Apple Podcasts
    • Google Podcasts
    • Spotify
    • Stitcher
    • Overcast
    • Podcast Addict

    Some podcast directories have advanced customization functions, like multiple playlists, sleep timers, smart playlists, and suggestions for new shows based on your interests.

    Podcast FAQ

    What is a podcast vs. a podcast episode?

    The word “podcast” refers to the show in its entirety, while a podcast episode is a single chapter of that show

    What’s the difference between a podcast and an audio file?

    An audio file is what stores a segment of sound. Podcasters record their episode and store it in an audio file on their computer or on the cloud. A podcast is a show that distributes audio (and video) files to users over the internet.

    What is a podcast and how does it work?

    A podcast is an audio (and sometimes video) medium for creative content. Podcast creators upload podcast episodes, which are downloaded by listeners and listened to on their mobile devices or computers

    Are podcasts for free?

    Mostly, yes. Most podcast apps are free, and while there are some exclusive or private podcasts that are not free, most podcasters distribute their shows free of charge. 

    What is the best podcast app?

    If you want an app with the largest number of shows, use Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. If you want to combine podcast listening with music, try Spotify. If you’d rather combine podcasts and audiobooks, Audible is a great choice. And if you prefer granular customization options, try Overcast.

    How do you get paid for podcasts?

    Podcasters can get paid in several ways. The most common is to land podcast sponsorships, in which brands pay them to read advertisements during their show. Other methods include affiliate marketing, premium content, and asking listeners to pay them directly.

    Who is listening to podcasts?

    More than half of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast in the last month, according to Statista, and the largest age group is listeners between 12 and 34 years old.
    And listeners are increasing in diversity, as well. 43% of U.S. men and 39% of U.S. women listen to podcasts—and the racial and ethnic makeup of podcast listeners in the U.S. closely reflects the overall diversity of the population.

    What is a podcast in simple words?

    In simple terms, a podcast is a series of audio episodes. It’s like the radio, but on-demand, and you usually listen on your iPhone, Android, or another mobile device.

    What is a podcast used for?

    Podcasts are used for entertainment, education, and connection with like-minded communities.

    What is a podcast app?

    A podcast app (or podcast player) is another word for a podcast directory like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Overcast. It lets you find, subscribe to, and listen to your favorite podcasts.

    What is a vodcast or podcast video?

    video podcast is an emerging format for podcasts. Audio is still the main medium for podcasts, but many podcasters are adding video elements to appeal to wider audiences and make their content even more engaging.

    What is a podcast network?

    podcast network is a collection of shows that are produced and created by the same company. Prominent podcast networks include Crooked Media, Gimlet Media, and Earwolf.

    What is a podcast RSS feed?

    An RSS feed is what links listeners to a podcast’s content. By subscribing to the RSS feed, listeners automatically receive new episodes as soon as they’re published on the podcast host.

    What is a podcast host?

    A podcast host is a place where podcast content is stored. RSS feeds are a listener’s link to the audio and video files stored on the hosting platform.

    What is a podcast download?

    Podcast episodes can be downloaded by listeners to listen to offline. Many podcasters and their sponsors use total “downloads” as a metric to determine the success of the show.

    What is a podcast producer?

    A podcast producer is a person who supervises the podcast’s production, sometimes including conducting research, overseeing the recording process, and handling edits.

    What is a podcast script?

    podcast script can be anything from a loose outline to a word-for-word transcript of a show. It’s the written guideline and plan for a podcast episode.

    What is a podcast interview?

    Many podcasters interview guests about their lives, experiences, or subjects of expertise. A podcast interview is the recording of such an interaction.

    What is a live podcast?

    While regular podcasts are recorded, edited, and published after the fact, live podcasts are streamed to audiences in real-time. Recording software like allows podcasters to live stream directly to Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    What is a podcast mixer?

    mixer is a piece of recording equipment that lets podcasters fine-tune the recording process. If podcasters want to record multiple guests or have granular control over their audio editing, they’ll likely want to use a mixer.

    What is a podcast website?

    Most podcasters who are serious about building an audience need a website for their show. These sites give background information about the show and its hosts, promote the podcast, and act as a central hub for the show. Many podcast websites also contain links to past episodes, and listeners can usually listen to episodes directly from the site if they choose.