Introduction to Product Podcasts

This page outlines podcast that every product manager should listen to! This is the one complete exhaustive list that you need to bookmark.

Product podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to improve your knowledge of product management, and get some great insights from some of the product leaders in the field.

There are many aspects to product management, it’s a complicated field with lots of niches, and it’s a role that is ever evolving. Product management itself, has not been around for a long time, so product managers are constantly innovating on new was to deliver value to customers via their products and processes.

Below is a list of recommended product podcasts.

The Product Experience

The Product Experience podcast by Lily Smith and Randy Silver is a podcast sponsored by Mind the Product.

Being sponsored by Mind the Product, you already know that this podcast is going to have some great content. They regularly get some of the industry leaders in product management and fringe areas to join and give their insights and expertise on a range of different issues and areas. Lily Smith (ProductTank organiser and Product Consultant) & Randy Silver (Head of Product and product management trainer) “go deep” with the best speakers from ProductTank meetups all over the globe, Mind the Product conferences, and the wider product community.

The podcast is available on numerous different mediums, links to the podcast are here:

The Product Podcast

The Product Podcast is brought to us by The Product School.

The Product Podcast is sponsored by The Product School. Product School is one of the leading online learning resources for product managers, with a series of certifications and online courses to help learn new skills or sharpen existing ones. Again, with the Product School being a solid brand, they also manage to get some of the industry leaders on their show. The podcast is American based and split into seasons.

There are many different mediums to listen to The Product Podcast, links are below:

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is a product podcast by Reid Hoffman explores how great companies scale up from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders within product management.

The content of this podcast from the LinkedIn cofounder is varied and Reid is able to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of CEO and senior leaders in large companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Google, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter Slack, Nike, Starbucks and many more.

They talk about many different areas, such as entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, management, fundraising. But they also talk about the human journey — with all its failures and learnings. 

The podcast is available on numerous different mediums, links to the podcast are here: