Late For The For the Daily Stand Up? You’ll Be Sorry!

What happens if you are for the Scrum Daily Stand Up?

The daily stand up is a very important meeting. It sets the tone for the day and ensures that everyone is in line.

Have you noticed that people have started to turn up late? Are people starting to get lazy or too comfortable?

Incentivise the meeting

I have seen some teams actually incentivise members to come to the meeting, a popular one is some kind of forfeit for anyone that is late.

You could make anyone who is late pay a small fine to anyone who is late (into a team kitty or something), have to bring in sweets for the rest of the team the next day or even more creative like sing a song, do a dance, do a press up for each minute they are late.

It’s a good idea to keep the incentive fun, you don’t want to effect the mood of the team. Also consider the team you have. If you have people with food allergies, maybe bringing food isn’t the best idea, if you have a team that is unfit then an exercise based forfeit might not be the best. Don’t have anything that might make someone too embarrassed or antagonise anyone.

Also make the forfeit something that wouldn’t want to make anyone turn up late, if the punishment is singing a song and you have a karaoke superstar in your team they might purposely turn up late each day.

If you need to mix it up a bit, you could even have a box full of forfeits and get them to pick something random.

Root Cause

Don’t forget that its still important to find out the root cause of why a team member might be a a repeat offender. Maybe there is actually a legitimate reason why the time is no good. They could have a comitment in the morning and it really is impossible for them to attend. Make sure this isn’t the case first.

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