Blockers Don’t Exist in Agile

But not in the way you are thinking.

Terminology is very important, not just in our professional capacity, but also in life. Words have connotations, especially something so drastic as a ‘Blocker’.

Think about it though, does everything on a project stop when someone mentions a ‘blocker’? Not really, what happens is that progress slows down. Its easy to use terms like this because they sound more drastic and important. We should focus on are the things that are slowing progress, before it gets to a point where it blocks or stops it.

So What To Call It?

There is something that can slow down progress, and we refer to it as an Impediment. When we refer to an impediment we are focusing on all things that slow down progress, not just the ones that become critical. By focusing on these, you are more likely to help your team succeed.

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