Don't let the team burn out

Don’t Let the Scrum Team Burn Out

Working in an industry that is faced paced and has a strong business push can be both exciting and stressful. This can also be a main contributor to scrum teams burning out.

The ability to deliver quickly and to beat your competitors is important. Scrum teams work hard to optimise their processes, deliver quickly and to a high quality.

As a Product Owner, you have the pressure to deliver; but you also need to ensure that the scrum team doesn’t burn out.

I think it’s sometimes a good idea to let your team recharge after a while. Especially after a long stretch or a large project has been delivered. Give the team some time to recuperate, before the next bit challenge comes.

Read here about giving the scrum team time to recover.

You can consider allowing the team to work at half velocity for business projects. Give them the remaining time to work on technical projects, technical debt or even personal development. It doesn’t have to be a full sprint; maybe half a sprint, or a few days at the end of the sprint even.

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