Why do a Stand Up on Sprint Planning day?

Missing Stand Up on Sprint Planning Day

We all know everyone doesn’t like meetings. At the beginning of the sprint, can you skip daily stand up on Sprint Planning day?

A good tip to save you some time is to not do the Sprint Planning on the day of Sprint Planning.

Instead, spend a few minutes at the end of the Sprint Planning meeting to discuss the first things that will be tackled during the sprint. With this, everyone will leave the meeting with a sense of purpose.

Read about the daily stand up here.

This doesn’t need to to be an actual daily stand up. There should be no impediments or they do not need to go through what happened since the last stand up. The team in this time should have been closing off work successfully to end the sprint.

Remember, the daily stand up is to sync the team, and in the Sprint Planning team everyone should already be in sync. Having a daily stand up after this meeting is probably a waste of time.

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